WordPress Web Design

Years ago, WordPress was a simple piece of software that could be used for simple DIY websites, but was mostly used by bloggers.

17 years of on-going development and refinement has expanded WordPress to what is now one of the biggest website development platforms on the internet, being used by nearly ¼ of all of the sites on the internet. That means WordPress website design has been implemented for over 60 million websites and almost 100,000 new sites per day.

It’s very likely that most business websites you interact with online are developed in WordPress and there are a number of reasons you should consider using WordPress for your next website.


WordPress is the platform that almost all businesses use, and for good reason.
WordPress development is quicker and easier than ever because of its open source nature. This means it’s completely customisable in both design and functionality and ready for anything that your business requires.

The WordPress website editor is widely considered the most easy to use and allows you to easily update anything on your website, from text and images, menus and banner photos, as well as being able to create new pages or blog articles whenever you need to.

With WordPress, you won’t have to spend money returning to a Website Designer simply to make updates on your website. This not only reduces your long-term costs, but also means a much faster process and one that doesnt rely on the schedules of other parties.

The result is a website platform that has a far longer life-span than any other and that can scale with functionality and content as your business needs change. This also means your investment is able to last many years beyond a typical website not built in WordPress.